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Epulse50 servo drive implements Modbus RTU protocol on a RS232 serial point to point communication interface.

Available functions

Function name Function code
Read Holding Register0x03
Write Single Register0x06
Write Multiple Registers0x10

Modbus register areas

Parameter type MODBUS address
Servo parameter0x00 to 0x3FF
Input variables0x1000 to 0x103F
Output variables0x1200 to 0x123F

Basic command

Enabling, disable and set the speed

Command Address Data Write Unit NOTE
Opmode0x00102-2 = digital speed
Enabling0x1000bit 0 = 1-
Disabling0x1000bit 0 = 0-
Speed setpoint0x1026xxxxRPM

Reading the status and the current

Command Address Data Write Unit NOTE
Enabling OK0x1200Bit 0 = 1-if enabled bit 0 is set to 1 otherwise is set to 0
Read speed0x1218xxxx-
Read Q current0x1210xxxxAmper x 10

Input Variable table


Output Variable Table


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