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Interface description

The NiLAB Starter programming sofwtare interface is divied in three area (bars):

  1. Connection and download bar
  2. Status and control bar
  3. Configuration windows


Connection and download bar

In this area the user can connect with the motor using differernt COM port, donwload and upload the data stored inside the intergated drive motor memory. Any change in the number inside the configuration windows requires the download to the motor button to press to update the configuration inside the memory of the motor.
This bar reports the Firmware version inside the motor, the type of the motor connected and offer the function to load and to save the current configuration using files. The progress bar reports the status of the download and upload procedures.

Status and control bar

Status and control bar is updated continuosly with the rate spcified in the Communication windows.


Using this bar is possible to change in real time the CURRENT SLAVE ID to change the connection with different motor on the MODBUS. The status bar reports the current status of the motor: RUN, READY, FAULT confitions, current status of the digital inputs and output, actual position, speed and current consumption. Using ON and OFF button the motor can be power or not, using FAULT reset button is possible to reset the actual Fault state.


Configuration windows

This section of the NiLAB Starter is composed by several windows:

  1. Motion controller : used to specify the motion table controlled by position controller inside the drive
  2. Controller configuration: used to tune the motor configuring the current, speed and position loops
  3. Scope: to view the interal signal like position, speed, current, encoder with different sampling rate
  4. Motor parameter: used to change and control the parameter related to Homing funciton, Modbus address and used to store permanently the parameter in the flash memory.
  5. Communication: used to view the communication console, to change the update rate and to scan the modbus fieldbus.
  6. Diagnostic: used to see the diagnostic data
  7. Firmware repository: to update the linear motor on the field
  8. Application windows: like parallel robotic, sensor motiron, etc.. related to specific application to simplify the programming.
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