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NiLAB Starter provides a simple and straightforward way to quickly configure the motion parameters of the integrated drive of the miniature and standard tubular linear motors. Pre-installed, user configurable application-based GUIs are also available with this interface.

This software can be downloaded here : NiLAB Starter

The main advantages of NiLAB Starter are:

  1. Little to no programming experience required
  2. Menu-driven, Windows based, easy setup
  3. Pre-programmed with application-specific features
  4. Real time analysis with diagnostics
  5. Data and graphical feedback tools: 4 channels oscilloscope
  6. Online firmware repository for update on the field

Motion Controller

Simple motion programming based on motion table with different options for motion type (triangle, trapezoidal, sinusoidal, polynomial and with force control).

Any rows of the table are independently configurable with position target, acceleration/deceleration time, waiting time and trigger mode.

Four different motion table modes are available: 1 table with 10 positions, 2 tables with 5 positions/table, 3 tables with 3 positions/table, 5 tables with 2 positions/table.

Motion Controller

Controller Configuration

Easy setup and tuning of control parameters of the 3 control loops: current, speed and position.

Motion Controller


Four channels oscilloscope with advanced trigger, cursors measurements, selectable sampling time with automatic and manual scale. Data dumping to file.

Motion Controller

Motor Parameter

User configurable homing function: on mechanical stop or by external sensor with selectable speed and direction. Complete control on the motor parameters: nominal, peak, max. temperature, minimum DC power supply detection.
FW update and production parameter visualization to manage the maintenance.

Motion Controller


MODBUS RTU communication console with scanning MODBUS nodes functionality to simply identify the motors connected to the bus.

Motion Controller


Simple and complete diagnostic tool with statistics for device on time, number of cycles reached, trip distance traveled. 512 minutes of storage for average current consumption and motor temperature with scope and save to file options.
Real time motor load conditions.

Motion Controller

User configurable with no programming experience for different applications like: pick and place robot, ejection application, deviation application.

Motion Controller

Motion Controller

Motion Controller

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